Just Sayings

I love when people say  “i dont like organised religion”.

What, you prefer disorganised religion?

“i don’t like organized sports” .   You will probably like one of my kids soccer teams, then.

” organized crime” is bad, right?  Well, i bet their houses are neat.

Or, i’m not religious, but i’m spiritual. Huh?

Or, “i’m not a vegetarian, but i dont eat red meat”.

Is ” red” meat bad, and other colors good?

Or, i don’t eat meat, but i eat fish. How is fish not meat? Never understood that.

Or,  “i im a vegetarian but im ovo lacto.”  Look, the animal that gave you the milk or eggs in a factory farm suffered just as much as the animal that was butchered for meat.  Plus, the animal is going to get slaughtered anyway and fed to somebody when it gets old.  Or did you think its was going to be put in a shoe box and buried in the back yard with a little ceremony?

“meat is murder”.  Then why are animals made out of meat?

I should remind you that your “animal children” are carnivores. Are they then “bad”? Or is it different because their dinner  comes in a can?

Or, in  baseball: ” the players win the games, i just fill out the lineup cards”. All the sportwriters nod sagely.

Then why do they have manager of the year awards?

Or, good pitching beats good hitting.

Except when good hitting beats good pitching.

“i may not agree with your religion, but i will die fighting for your right to practice it”.

Really, you will get blown up by a land mind so Tom Cruise can get clear and meet Lord Zenu?

“Save Tibet” ( bumper sticker)  I’ll get to that right after lunch.

” Uncle Nestor is turning over in his grave”.   Good thing we bought that extra big coffin.

“he is looking down on us right now and smiling”.  Should i go outside  and wave?

Hey, wait a minute, i thought you said he was in his grave!


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